S H A D O W S    O F    L I G H T

is a series of three contemporary wall sculptures created by layering white acrylic, steel and stainless steel with spaces in between
the pieces light up with  LED  and each include a remote control with dimmer . the lines of shadow cut edges in the light that makes up the essence of the sculpture
... a serene light in the presence of darkness ...

white and bronze acrylic, steel, lights and spaces
the fluorescent lights turn on with a switch
45" x 35" x 3"
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Shadows of Light  -  Parts 1, 2, & 3  -  45" x 45" x 3"
Shadows of Light  -  Part 2  -  Detail  -   
A   C   R   Y   L   I   C   S      &      L   I   G    H  T   S   
Shadows of Light  -  Part 3  -  Detail  -  
Shadows of Light  -  Part 1  -  Detail  -    
L O G O    S C U L P T U R E    S I G N   .   On  Demand  Staffing,  Inc   .

white acrylic, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, rubber, black PVC lettering, LEDs with remote control and dimmer
72" x 30" x 4"
Corporate Collection
T H R O U G H    T H E    W A L L

white acrylic, charcoal died ash veneer
59" x 33" x 12"
Front View
Back View
Side View Left  -  Detail  -
Side View Right  -  Detail  -
Back View  -  Detail  -